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Oversoul Sky - Yana (STRDW134 - Sting Records)

by Oversoul Sky

Yana 06:38


Oversoul Sky - Yana (STRDW134 - Sting Records)

01 - Oversoul Sky - Yana

Sting Records is more than happy to present magical Single 'Yana' From Oversoul Sky Project!
""Oversoul Sky"" is a psytrance project by Saurabh Babbar from New Delhi, India.
Self-taught singer/guitarist made his first debut in 2008 with band Bhairav with Indian classical riffs and old school metal won many competitions. His journey to Electronic music begins with a project Apocalypse meow where he understood synthesis and never looked back since then. He loves playing a live set, mixing/experimenting with sounds and working hard in the studio.
His goal with his music is to give spiritual and ecstatic experience to the audience and deep connection to mother earth with PsyTrance.Yana is considered to be one of the six constituents of state-craft that the King shall constantly ponder over. The word is used throughout Dharmaśāstra literature such as the Manusmṛti."

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released March 6, 2020


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