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Skygods - Alter Ego​(​STRDW095 - Sting Records)

by Skygods -



01 - Skygods - Alter Ego (Tribute To Qawa-Beat & Andrey Mir)

Sting Records presents ""Alter Ego (Tribute To Qawa-Beat & Andrey Mir)"" a new single from Swedish duo Skygods, Angelo Roudbari and Edwin Furängen. Angelo shares some history about the band and this new single. ""The name was so sketchy and funny so we decide to not look further and name the music project SKYGODS. All ego and lust and how hilarious it is to watch mankind make a fool of each other in the name of greed and grievance. And so we present a perfect piece for to guys that we love and adore, whom are selfless and loving kind persons in the form of one Eliran and one Andrey Mir. Skygods music takes you deep into the ocean of rich and famous, the poor, the dumb the dumber and fully wild creatures from other Galaxies and Earth.
They like to take you up and down back and forth for a groovy alien story. This song is about the alter ego of mankind."

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released September 7, 2018


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